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Add value to your home life and house price with a conservatory

As one of the most popular types of home improvement in the UK, conservatories have been enhancing the country’s property stock for decades. Affordable, practical, and stylish, the humble conservatory can add value to both your property and your home life. To show you just how worthwhile building a conservatory can be, here are a few ways this simple extension could enhance your life every day.

Adding value to your property

As property expert Phil Spencer says, “Extending your living space is always a good idea.” Few things are more guaranteed to up the price tag of a property than increased floor space, especially if that floor space is stylish, eye-catching and well designed. Though the exact amount a conservatory will add to the value of your home is impossible to say, if the build is completed to a high standard you’re sure to get back more than you invested.

Improving your quality of life

Though adding to the potential price tag of a property is a major motivator for many homeowners building a conservatory, most simply want to create extra living space for them and their family to enjoy. Even a small conservatory will provide you with a space to relax, socialise and play, while larger conservatories and orangeries offer even more scope for enhancing the usability of your home.

If you have energetic children, you can create a dedicated play area for them in the conservatory. Alternatively, if you need a place to switch off, relax and unwind, make your new extension and adults only space.

Adding an extra room

As well as giving you extra floor space, a conservatory could actually allow you to add an extra room to your home. Depending on where it’s situated, your new conservatory could act as a dining room, a living room, a music room or a reading room. This will help to make your home more versatile and will give you the flexibility you need to live the way you want to.

Bringing the outside in

One of the biggest appeals of a conservatory for many homeowners is the opportunity it offers to bring the outside in. On warm, dry days, you can throw open your conservatory doors and use your garden as an extension of your home. If the skies suddenly open, you can retreat into the shelter of your conservatory until the sun comes out once more.

A fantastic way to boost the value of your home and improve your quality of life, a conservatory will give you the valuable extra living space you need. To find out more, or to learn about the different styles of conservatory on offer, take a look around our site today.