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5 general maintenance tips for your conservatory

Properly maintaining and caring for your conservatory will extend its lifespan and keep it looking great. To help you give your extension the TLC it deserves, here are our five top tips for conservatory maintenance.

1. Clear out your gutters and drains

Just like the gutters and drains on the main part of your property, the gutters and drains on your conservatory need to be cleared out on a regular basis. Leaves, rubbish, and other debris can easily be blown into your gutters during bad weather. Over time, this debris will begin to build up and may eventually block the drains on your conservatory. As @Housebeautiful says, “If guttering becomes blocked during the wet weather, gutters can leak, and this inherently leads to internal damp and mould growth – far from ideal at any time of the year.”

2. Sealants

If your conservatory is brand new, the sealants around the windows and doors will probably be in great condition. However, over time, these sealants will begin to degrade. Eventually, they’ll need to be replaced if your conservatory is going to remain watertight. If the sealants aren’t replaced, you may find that water starts to find its way into your conservatory, leading to mould.

3. Cleaning

Keeping your conservatory clean will help it to look good and last for years. Make sure all of the windows in your conservatory are cleaned inside and out at least a few times a year. When scouring your glass, take the time to check for any damage or wear and tear that could impact on the efficiency of the windows.

In addition, regular cleaning also helps to remove moss and other vegetation that can build up on conservatory roofs and in drains. If left, this greenery can cause blockages and flooding in wet weather.

4. Heating

Keeping your conservatory heated helps to prevent mould and damp from appearing in the space. Even if you’re not using it during the autumn and winter months, it’s a good idea to heat the space to prevent health problems.

5. Trees

Trees growing close to your property can cause a number of issues with the structure of the conservatory. Tree roots can invade the foundations of a conservatory, causing cracks and irregularities to appear. Nearby trees can also be a concern in bad weather. Falling branches can easily damage your conservatory, while an uprooted tree could destroy it altogether. Ideally, you should try to remove any tall trees from the area immediately around your conservatory. If this isn’t possible, prune the trees as heavily as possible.

Find out more about maintaining your conservatory, or get a quote for a brand new extension, by getting in touch with a member of our expert team today.