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5 autumnal window display ideas

As the cooler months roll in, why not give your windows a seasonal makeover? Here are some ideas for decorative window displays, to celebrate the beginning of autumn…

Dried fruit garlands

There’s something very ‘cosy’ about the smell of spiced orange or cooked apple. Dried fruit is simple to make and tastes as great as it looks! Try drying some thin slices of apple and orange. These are perfect because their colours beautifully match the turning leaves outside. Make small holes in the top of each slice before you dry them, then once they’re done, string them up around your windows. These decorations will have the added bonus of a lovely, autumnal smell. You could even add a few cinnamon sticks to the garland for a spicy finish.

Nature displays

Create a windowsill nature display to welcome in the season. First, place fruits like pumpkins, squashes, and apples on your sill. Next, arrange them to create an autumnal feature. Intersperse the fruits with pinecones and seasonal nuts. If this is your first attempt, a quick internet search will give you lots of ideas for how to arrange your items. You could also buy some ornaments, such as small woodland animals, to include in your display.

Autumnal vases

Autumnal vases are a clean and classy way of decorating your windows. Purchase some matching, clear glass vases. These can often be found in charity shops if you’re looking to save money. Next, go for a walk in your local park and look for seasonal items to use in your display. This could include things like twigs, tree bark, conkers, cobnuts, or leaves.

For a nice aesthetic, try placing longer twigs in the middle of a vase with layers of nuts or conkers around them. This will give you a mix of different colours and heights to work with. You could even use twine to secure some autumn leaves around the outsides of your vases.

Handprint leaves

This is a great art project for the kids and a nice keepsake for later on. First, cut out a ‘tree trunk’ from brown craft paper. Use blue tack to stick your trunk to the window, with plenty of space above it. Next, give your kids some more craft paper and some autumn coloured paints. Reds, browns, yellows, greens, and oranges are a great choice. Make sure the paint is child-friendly and suitable for finger painting.

Ask your kids to paint their hands and then make prints on the craft paper. When the handprints are dry, carefully cut them out. Finish by sticking the handprints around the top of the tree trunk to represent ‘leaves’. You could even write each child’s name and the date on the backs of their handprints as a keepsake.

Curtains and sills

If you’re a fan of autumn colours, you could give your windows a more permanent makeover. Consider painting your window frames and sills in an autumnal paint. Colours like dark green or burnt orange are a good choice.

For something more temporary, you could purchase some curtains with an autumnal print. Another option is to use autumn themed ‘faux stained glass’ window transfers. These will look beautiful throughout the season and can then be removed when the days start to warm up again.