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4 ways to create shabby chic windows

As décor styles go, ‘shabby chic’ has been popular for a long time. It’s relaxed yet stylish and suits any type of home. If you fancy giving your windows a makeover, shabby chic is a great look to try. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Chic decorations

Accessories can really enhance your décor, and your windows are a great place to start! Consider investing in some tie-backs for your curtains. These could be made from floral cloth or decorative ribbon. If you have blinds instead of curtains, tie the ribbons vertically, to hold the blinds open.

Alternatively, attach some wooden curtain hooks to your walls, on either side of the window. Then open your curtains and tuck the material behind the hooks. For a shabby chic look, paint the curtain hooks white, then lightly sand them down. Complete the look with a string of faux roses or bunting across the top of the window. Lastly, don’t forget to add a vase of flowers on the windowsill.

Pretty curtains

When picking your curtains, look for pretty floral patterns. Polka dots are also great for a shabby chic look. To create more texture, add some layers. Try hanging a thin gauze under or over thicker, opaque curtains. This will look great and also allow you to vary the amount of light in the room.

Another option is to choose curtains which feature a mix of different materials. Subtle patchwork curtains will compliment a shabby chic décor. If you’re feeling really creative, you might even want to make your own.

Blogger Kelly Grad states: “Because curtains, after all, are just fabric. Much like underwear. And because they generally cost more than they “should,” curtains are an excellent candidate to make yourself.”

Cute shutters

To create a classic shabby chic window, add some wooden shutters. This will instantly give your windows a ‘cottage-like’ appearance. There are lots of different types to choose from. You could go for traditional panelled shutters, which will let in a degree of light.

Alternatively, you could keep most of the light out, with solid wood. You could even opt for solid shutters with a heart or diamond cut-out. Make sure your shutters have a lock to keep them closed at night. You could also fit hooks on the outside walls, to keep them from blowing in the wind when they’re open. If you’re at all unsure, call in a professional to assist you.

Distressed frames

Distressed wood is a key element of the shabby chic look. However, there’s no need to wait for your windows to become worn down. You can create a similar effect with a bit of DIY. Start by painting your window frames in a light colour like white, cream, or grey. For something more colourful, you could use a pastel blue, green, or pink. Depending on your paint, you may want to apply a second coat, for an even finish.

Once both coats have dried, create the ‘distressed’ look by gently sanding them down. Pay particular attention to the corners of the frames, to give the impression of ‘wear and tear’. If you’d like some guidance on this, search online for DIY tutorials.

[Photo by Aquilatin]