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3 Ideas for Decorating Your Front Door for Christmas

With the festive season on the doorstep, you may be thinking of how you can decorate your home this year to bring Christmas cheer and warmth to every room. But don’t neglect the exterior of your property, especially your front door.

From a beautiful wreath to a quirky Christmas decoration, adorning your front door will raise a smile on any guests or visitors, as well as your hard-working postie. Here’s how:

#1 Hanging Santa’s hat

Who hasn’t got a bag of old Christmas decorations along with other bits and bobs occupying a dusty box in the loft? And hanging around somewhere will be a Santa’s hat complete with a fluffy white rib and bobble!

Terribly itchy to wear, there is another use to these other than their annual task of adoring your head as you serve up the turkey.

A hanging Santa hat front door decoration is just one of many on the list to be found on @tobyandroo’s blog.

You’ll also find fantastic ideas such as a small tree branch spray painted gold complete with ornamental robin, perfect for something different.

But our favourite is Santa’s hat, stuffed with all kinds of foliage and the like and attached to the front with a red ribbon.

#2 Why stop at one wreath?

The holly wreath is the traditional front door festive decoration. Using twigs as well as evergreens such as holly and ivy, complete with Christmas blooms such as poinsettia, you really can’t go wrong with a traditional wreath.

But why stop at one? We’ve seen some great examples in which there are two or three wreaths all hanging in a long line from the top to near the bottom of the front door.

Keep them all the same for a chic and elegant look or, to ring the changes, use a different highlighting colour on each to make them truly stand out.

#3 Pinecone bundle

More and more of us are considering how our choices are impacting on the environment and if you’re seeking to make this Christmas as plastic and waste-free as possible, you’ll love this next idea.

Looking to nature for things we can use in crafts is nothing new and if there’s one thing you’ll find littering the forest floor at this time of year it’s pinecones. Pick up cones of all sizes for this project – you’ll need about seven – and also thick linen or cotton ribbons that will be pulled straight by the weight of the cone.

At the end of each strip of ribbon, attach a cone (you might want to pin them too) using string or a glue stick. When you have all seven attached to seven strands of ribbon, cluster them all together.

Vary the length of the ribbons so it gives a clustered effect to the pinecones and attach securely to your double glazed front door.

When Christmas has passed, simply place the pinecones in your compost or kerbside garden waste recycling bags.

What ideas do you have for front door decorations?