Solutions for Draughty Sash Windows

Sash windows are extremely popular amongst those with an eye for design, and it’s fair to say that they never go out of fashion. Unfortunately, though, many people report that they can cause annoying draughts, and severely impact the energy efficiency of a home.  YouGen explains, ‘A combination of age, the hollow boxes and the […]

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Easy Ways to Update Your Conservatory

Conservatories have been a home improvement staple for many years, and plenty of families enjoy having the extra space. If you’ve had yours for some time, you may be thinking about ways to give it a modern makeover.    It’s true that styles have definitely changed over the past decade and you might be eager […]

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Can a Conservatory be a Bedroom?

Can a conservatory be a bedroom?  A conservatory is an extension of your home, an affordable way to add much-needed space. But we tend to see the conservatory as nothing more than a sunroom that can only be used in a defined number of ways. It is possible to use the conservatory in other ways, […]

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Design ideas incorporating sliding doors

Sliding doors are not a new invention. Over the years, they have been re-styled and designed to offer the modern home versatile and practical door solutions. As well as interior applications, the sliding door is perfect for connecting the exterior of your home with its interior. It’s easy to incorporate sliding doors into any design. […]

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How to choose a colour for your front door

Yellow signifies happiness whilst an orange front door suggests a playful side. Red is a strong, vibrant colour but blue front doors tend to be a rare choice. A black front door suits more or less every home and a white front door is a safe choice too. Choosing the colour of your front door […]

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