Can a window upgrade add value to my home

increase home value

Whether your property is your first investment or your family home, making your investment pays dividends when you come to sell is vital. There are so many home improvements you can make to a property to increase its value before selling. Some alterations, such as fitting a new kitchen, add less value than you might […]

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5 steps to a lighter, brighter home

No one wants to live in a dark and dingy environment. In the gloomy climate of the UK in winter, increasing natural light is a challenge. There are numerous benefits that go hand-in-hand with increasing natural light in your home, particularly for health. Natural light has been proven to make people happier, calmer and more […]

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Which colour is right for your windows

Double glazing

Every home is different, but it’s important to ensure any new additions to your property are in keeping with its aesthetic. This includes when they’re being incorporated to improve performance, appearance, or simply to make life easier. Here at Unicorn Windows, we’ve been responsible for many window upgrade success stories. A vital part of our […]

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Replacing old windows? Your guide to the scheduling of works

Old window

Window replacement is a step many homeowners take, something proven by the thousands of satisfied customers that we’ve served over the past 23 years. There are many advantages to swapping your old, drafty windows with shiny new ones. Replacing your old windows gives you the chance to improve your home’s energy efficiency, boost light within […]

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PVC-U and aluminium windows – what’s the difference?

Modern art

Making the decision to have new windows installed is a big one for any homeowner. Your windows are more than just an attractive feature – they keep your property safe, secure, weather-protected and heat efficient. Whilst initial talks may focus on style, colour and design,  the material of your window is an extremely important consideration […]

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