Spooky Halloween windows

Halloween decorations

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are rapidly falling, the weather has turned colder, and evenings are drawing in. With Halloween just around the corner, get into the spirit of things and give your windows a trick or treat makeover. Creepy windows and doors When it comes to Halloween there are no […]

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When should I replace my guttering

Guttering with a cobweb in

Most home owners see their guttering as a small part of their home, a useful addition that directs unwanted water away from the property. Your guttering does in fact play a much more important role than you may think, especially when it comes to the wider building’s structural integrity. It may be a case of […]

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Which door style is right for my home

Door styles

As the main point of entry into your property, your front door delivers that all-important first impression to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances visiting your home. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to build your own home and take command of your own design, it is unlikely that you’ve needed to make a decision about the […]

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Why should I upgrade my windows

Window improvements

Whether you are upgrading your home to sell or improving for enjoyment in the long term, boosting the kerb appeal of your property can have major plus points, value wise. According to a recent survey conducted by Barclays Mortgages, spending just a few hundred pounds can add thousands to your house price. Yes, first impressions […]

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Window care tips straight from the experts

Window care

Upgrading the look and finish of your property’s windows is an important investment, but how do you care for your window units after installation? With the right maintenance and care, your double glazed windows can stay looking pristine. Maintaining your windows doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your wider property, the correct care can maximise […]

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