5 tips for installing perfectly finished and correctly placed curtains

Curtains can really add the finishing touches to a room – making them as important to the final look as other elements of your interior décor. Correctly placed curtains can completely transform a regular, plain window into a true focal point of the home. However, fitting the curtains so that they hang perfectly can be quite […]

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The benefits of front door canopies

At Unicorn Windows, we have a wide selection of high quality front door canopies, built to last and work with any style of architecture your property might have. While a door canopy can really help to improve the aesthetic appeal of the front of your home, there are multiple functional benefits to having one installed too. […]

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Useful glossary of window terminology

While we’re experts here at Unicorn Windows, we appreciate that there could easily be a few terms that our customers might not be familiar with. Knowing what distinguishes one window from another is an important part of the process when shopping around for your windows and doing your research. An awareness and understanding of the different window […]

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